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Japan Real Estate Investment

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31 - Tech Innovation in Japan Real Estate

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Drones, robotic arms, semi-automatic vehicles, innovations in construction, insulation and energy savings - and the "green city" initiative. Join us as we explore the strange and wonderful new ways in which Japan is re-inventing the global real-estate property construction industry.


by NTI on 03. July 2018
Thanks, Gary - here's more info on the EneFarms - http://www.j-lpgas.gr.jp/en/appliances/index.html - let us know if you'd like to investigate potential co-ops for importing/marketing it in Australia
Gary Carson
by Gary Carson on 26. June 2018
Insightful Podcast,very interesting! I would like to know more about the Enifarm,(energy farm) sounds like we could do with them here in Australia,

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