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09. December 2019 Sub-Lease Tenancy Agreements

Sub-Lease Tenancy Agreements

We review the advantages and dis-advantages of sub-lease arrangements with short term stay operators - why and when you may want to do it, what to look out for, and how to plan for the future.

Back on the Market! (Part 1)

We re-visit two of our most popular real-estate property deals - both of which have just gone back on the market again!

Different Strategies, Different Purchase Criteria

We speak to a first time investor from Singapore, who is about to take her first steps in Japan's real-estate property investment market - discussing various investment strategies and purchase criteria, and how they all tie together into a concrete investment business plan.

Japan Winter Holiday Properties - Decisions, Decisions...

Recording of a call with a new client from Australia who is considering purchasing a ski property - buying land with or without a standalone house, holiday villa in a ski resort or standard residential apartment in a nearby city, with or without parking, etc.

Renting Properties as a Foreigner in Japan

Alex Toyoda is general manager of the sales department at "Plaza Homes" - Japan's largest and longest operating rental agency for foreigners, which has been serving the larger Tokyo area for over 50(!!!) years. He joins us to talk about Tokyo's rental market over the years, Japanese attitudes towards foreigners, and the effects of "Abenomics" on Japan's property market.

Hotels - Part 3 - Analysis & Business Plan

Having reviewed the deal basics & financials, it was now time to visit the site and conduct market research on behalf of our investors. In this episode we review the research results and brainstorm some potential business plans.

Working with Japanese Property Professionals

Realtors, property managers, lawyers, building management companies, renovation & repair professionals, accountants and tax authorities - where to find them, who to pick, and how to work with them?

Holiday Apartment Deal Analysis

We break down the numbers, decision making and thought processes behind a beach-side holiday property deal that also generates monthly rental income when not used by the owner.