Japan Real Estate Investment

Japan Real Estate Investment

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property Investment in Japan

Investment Strategy

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In this episode we're going to piece together everything that we've discussed in the podcast so far, and try to use Japan's unique environment to our benefit, in forming a reliable, profitable, minimal risk investment strategy, which will allow us to leverage the country's advantages and dis-advantages to the best of our ability.

Incorporation & Finance

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In this episode we interview Mr Sadaysu Ito, of Sadywell accounting in Tokyo, to discuss the differences between individual and corporate ownership of investment properties, related taxes, benefits of each ownership structure, and investment finance lending criteria in Japan.

The Purchase Process - Overview

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Introduction to the purchase process and procedures involved in a Japanese real estate property investment purchase - what happens, when and how, every step of the way.

"The Numbers"

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Japan's current economic macro trends and their causes, effects on property prices and returns, and applicable taxes for resident and non-resident foreign investors.

About this podcast

From #JapanRealEstate #PropertyInvestment market fundamentals, through guides, tips, tricks and interviews with industry experts, this podcast is your one-stop-shop for audio content related to the world's second biggest property investment market!

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