Japan Real Estate Investment

Japan Real Estate Investment

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property Investment in Japan

51 - Diversity & Hedging

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In this episode we talk about diversity & hedging, why this concept is crucial for successful & profitable investment portfolios, and how to apply it to our Japanese real estate property investments.

48 - How to Handle Extended Vacancies?

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Vacancies are part and parcel of any property investments, but are a painful hassle, and come with attached expenses and a loss of income - which is why they should be minimized whenever possible. In this episode we examine the various methods in which we can tackle extended vacancies in Japan, and what these entail.

47 - Large Commercial Deals - Interview with Shai Greenberg

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We interview Shai Greenberg, VP of Genkai Capital, who deals with institutional investors and some of Japan's biggest commercial real-estate property investment deals, to get his views on current market trends, structuring big deals and financing them, as well as the road-map for coming years, in light of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

45 - Sales & Business Communications in Japan

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It is often said that, to sell in Japan, one must familiarize one's self with "The Japanese Way" of doing business - but according to Dr Greg Story, who has been living and working here for over 30 years, things are changing - and there may be more similarities than differences, at least as far as sales and business communication goes. Join us for this fascinating interview with one of the country's top leadership, business communications and sales training masters.

44 - Owning a Japanese Ski Holiday Home

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If you're a ski or other winter sports enthusiast, you may have been wondering how much it costs to own your own Japanese holiday home on or near the slopes - this episode explains the costs, procedures and due diligence involved in these types of purchases.

43 - The China-Japan Connection

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Former BBC Tokyo correspondent Duncan Bartlett writes a weekly blog on the key issues facing Japan and how they are covered by the international media. In his first appearance on our PodCast he tells us about his career journey, current pursuits, and his take on the business and cultural relationships between China, Japan and other Asian countries.

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