Japan Real Estate Investment

Japan Real Estate Investment

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property Investment in Japan

Investor Tour Highlights

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We've recently taken a Hong-Kong based investor on a 2-day tour of Fukuoka city, one of Japan's top investment hot-spots and the national startup capital - join us as we view three of these properties, in Yakuin, a popular central shopping/dining and residential areas.

Ownership Rights, Financing & Zoning

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In this episode, we're going to discuss rights of ownership to land and structures in Japan, as well as the options available for property investment financing from Japanese banks - for resident and non-resident foreigners.

Abandoned Homes & the Extinction Myth

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There are discussions about Japan becoming extinct due to declining birth rates. There is also talk that a number of properties have been abandoned in rural areas due to non-occupation as the aged pass away and the young move to Tokyo. Is the government doing something about it before it affects property prices?

AirBnb & The Short Term Stay Market in Japan

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In this episode, we speak with Paul Feinberg, founder and CEO of "Pacific Business KK, Modern Living" - a Tokyo based company which specializes in managing short term leasing properties & guest-houses anywhere in Japan. Paul explains about the past, present and future of the Japanese short term stay market, the differences between guest-houses and serviced apartments, and the AirBnb revolution.

Kawasaki Studio Deal Analysis

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In this episode, the first in our deal analysis series, we're going to review real Japanese real-estate property investment deal facilitated on behalf of one of our clients - the advantages, disadvantages, selection criteria and actual numbers involved.

2017 REI Market Summary - 2018 Forecasts

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With 2018 now in full gear, we turn to the world's biggest property professionals, economists and analysts for a summary of Japan's real estate property investment market in 2017 - try to identify major trends and turning points, and draw some conclusions to help us allocate our investment funds more wisely in the year to come.

Portfolio Management

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From property & building management, through insurance policy coverage and communication with local authorities, all the way to accounting & taxes, claims & deductions - this episode will help you put in place the systems you'll need for smooth, successful and profitable management of your Japan real estate property investment portfolio.

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