Japan Real Estate Investment

Japan Real Estate Investment

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property Investment in Japan

46 - Financing for Japan RE Investments - a Call to Action!

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One of the most burning issues for investors in Japan's property market is the lack of financing options for their property purchases. In this episode, we explain the problem, and propose a solution - which YOU can be a part of, and profit from.


by NTI on 03. December 2018
Thanks, PC - please, feel free to refer anyone interested in joining this program - we've got boatloads of clients just waiting to pay them a hefty interest for the service!
by PC on 03. December 2018
Great episode - definitely a topic oft discussed amongst my peers
by NTI on 30. November 2018
Hi, Darren - not really a "catch" per se, but the nature of loans of course include the risk, as low as it may be, that the borrower may default on their loan - and the lender will be left with a property that may or may not be generating the same returns, lower, or higher - and will then need to do their best to either generate a profit from it and/or offload it - which is probably not a situation they wanted to be in, if they chose to invest in a financial instrument as opposed to direct property ownership.
by Darren on 30. November 2018
Dear NTI, This sounds interesting. Up to 6% pretty much guaranteed. What’s the catch?

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