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Buying "Akiya" (Old Abandoned Japanese Homes)

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Nippon Tradings International (NTI)
by Nippon Tradings International (NTI) on
@IsumiOhara - yes, we agree - buying old houses as a pure investment is not a good idea. From our experience, the only people who are interested in these projects are those who would like to use the properties for their own private purposes - and maybe ALSO try to make some extra money from them if possible - but investment shouldn't be the main criteria for these old homes.
by IsumiOhara on
Last year i bought an old house in Chiba, it was not being used therefore it is called Akiya but not abandoned. I did not have to do any renovation, also a friend of mine found a similar house, no renovvation as well. It was not for investment but more as a second house. I dont think it is a good investment outside tokyo, yes properties are cheaper but demand is very low. Real abandoned house will take some work, personally i dont think it is a wise/smart move.
Nippon Tradings International (NTI)
by Nippon Tradings International (NTI) on
@Martin - do you mean how can you get enough money to retire? By working hard and saving of course! :) (Property investment can help speed up that process)
by Martin on
Since a long time I am looking for a Akiya. But how can I retire and stay in my house?

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