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Japan Real Estate

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26. June 2019 70 - Japanese Market Penetration

70 - Japanese Market Penetration

How to import or export products and services to or from Japan? What common setbacks do companies and individuals face when they first try to penetrate the Japanese market, and what kind of traps do the Japanese face when trying to export overseas? We find out in this interview with founder and principal of "Asian Market Makers", Ms Kirsty Wilkinson

68 - Rental Income Hacking with "Monthly Mansion"

With standard long term leases in central big city locations lower on yields, and with Airbnb and other short term leases becoming more and more difficult to navigate as a landlord in Japan, mid-term leases - or "monthly mansion" renting, as it's known here - hit the perfect sweet spot between high income and hassle-free management.

66 - "The Best Of" - 2018/19 Top Episodes Compilation

This PodCast's episodes have now been downloaded or streamed more than 10,000 times - which is a great landmark for us, and an excellent excuse to put together this compilation of YOUR favourite episodes by download numbers. Enjoy!

65 - Q&A: What to do with $50-100K?

We take a question from a US based listener, who wants to know how to best utilise his savings and invest them in Japan real estate property?

64 - Business Call with New Client

This episode is a recording of a 45 minute call with a new client from Canada, a first time investor in Japan's real-estate property market. We discuss affordability, compare long term leases with monthly rentals and short term ("minpaku") leasing, yields and returns, market fundamentals, running expenses, and much, much more.

63 - Guest Houses VS Share Houses

Dreaming about buying and managing a guest-house in one of Japan's cities, countryside resorts or onsen towns? Here's how to make it work.

61 - Building a Home in Japan

A super-fun interview with Tom Legge, originally from the UK, whose humorous blog, The "Osaka House Project" documents and details the processes involved in deciding to, researching and finally building your own dream home in Japan.