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Japan Real Estate

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24. September 2019 Q&A - Holiday Property

Q&A - Holiday Property

A recording of a business call with a first-time buyer to Japan's real-estate property market, who is seeking to purchase a holiday property which can also be used to generate income from monthly rentals when not used.

Hotels - Part 2 - Due Diligence

A recording of a conference call with potential buyer & resort operator - Q&A, brain-storming ideas for boosting income & reducing expenses, on and off season.

Hotels - Part 1 - Deal Sample

We present a sample of a real gem - an under-priced 26 room hotel/traditional Japanese inn near the ski slopes in Niigata prefecture.

Tokyo Seminar - Introduction to Japan Real-Estate Property Investment

This episode is a video recording from our seminar at "Charlie Rose", Akasaka, Tokyo, held in July, 2019. We cover all basics such as macro economics, unique aspects of the Japanese REI market, locations, pricing, challenges & due diligence, as well as various income hacks such as furnished/serviced homes, share/guest houses, dormitories & other alternative assets.

How to Get an Investor's Residency Visa?

Conversation with Mr Hiroshi Shimizu, an immigration lawyer, who breaks down the types, criteria and options available to real-estate property investors, who want to utilise their property business for the purposes of obtaining a Japanese residency visa.

Planning for Retirement in Japan

A conversation with Ben Shearon, founder and main contributor for the super-popular blog "Retire Japan" - the main English language source for all things related to personal financial management for those among us living in Japan, or anywhere else in the world - everything you always wanted to know about retirement, dreams and how to achieve financial freedom.

Tenant Horror Stories

Yes, bad tenants exist everywhere, Japan included - and sometimes bad things just happen. In this episode we talk worst cases, their effects on investment portfolios, and how to handle them if and when they do occur.

Japanese Market Penetration

How to import or export products and services to or from Japan? What common setbacks do companies and individuals face when they first try to penetrate the Japanese market, and what kind of traps do the Japanese face when trying to export overseas? We find out in this interview with founder and principal of "Asian Market Makers", Ms Kirsty Wilkinson