Japan Real Estate Investment

Japan Real Estate Investment

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property Investment in Japan

23 - Natalie Adams Interview

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In this episode we interview Natalie Adams, host and founder of JEMChat - a new and exciting podcast that's all about Japan's equity market. Natalie talks to us about the differences between Japan and other global markets, general strategies and investor trends in its stock exchange arena, the part real-estate plays in investor portfolio allocations - and her own personal journey.

22 - Kyoto Deal Analysis

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In this episode, another in our deal analysis series, we dig into an investment real estate property deal facilitated for one of our clients - a tenanted studio unit in Kyoto city, Japan.

21 - Abenomics

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All about Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies, nicknamed "Abenomics"- history, progression and current status.

20 - Investor Tour Highlights

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We've recently taken a Hong-Kong based investor on a 2-day tour of Fukuoka city, one of Japan's top investment hot-spots and the national startup capital - join us as we view three of these properties, in Yakuin, a popular central shopping/dining and residential areas.

18 - Ownership Rights, Financing & Zoning

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In this episode, we're going to discuss rights of ownership to land and structures in Japan, as well as the options available for property investment financing from Japanese banks - for resident and non-resident foreigners.

16 - Abandoned Homes & the Extinction Myth

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There are discussions about Japan becoming extinct due to declining birth rates. There is also talk that a number of properties have been abandoned in rural areas due to non-occupation as the aged pass away and the young move to Tokyo. Is the government doing something about it before it affects property prices?

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