Japan Real Estate

Japan Real Estate

All You Need to Know about Real Estate Property in Japan

18. March 2019 60 - Q & A - Where to Buy? How to Get Financing?

60 - Q & A - Where to Buy? How to Get Financing?

We take a question from Parikshat, a Malaysian podcast listener, who asks about investment hot-spots in Japan which strike a balance between yield and growth potential - and also discuss financing options for Japan real-estate property.

59 - Gender Relations in Japan

Once again we talk to our favorite Japan expert, Duncan Bartlett, of the "Japan Story" blog, which focuses on Japan's image in the media, about past and present gender relations - both in romantic and workplace relationships, as well as in TV, film, domestic and international news coverage.

58 - Crowd Funding Japanese RE - Interview with Kevin Elliott

On this episode we speak with Kevin Elliott, co-founder and president of "JPI - Japan Property Investments" - a unique and innovative platform, enabling investors to purchase shares in Japanese real estate property, from as little as $800, and with a minimum guaranteed return of 3% and upwards.

57 - Maintenance, Renovations & Repairs

What types of things require attendance during a tenancy, and what's needed before a new tenant moves in? How much does it all cost? We answer all of these questions and more in this episode.

56 - Dealing with Foreign Exchange Rates Fluctuations

One of the top concerns of first time overseas real estate property investors or would-be investors are fluctuating exchange rates. In this episode we teach you three simple rules and best practices that you should adopt in order to not only avoid losing money on these volatile swings, but to actually profit significantly from them.

55 - Deal Analysis - Sapporo City House

In this episode we review the numbers, selection criteria, due diligence and reasons for recommending and facilitating a residential home real estate investment property in Sapporo city, one of Japan's biggest, and it's fourth most popular tourist destination.

54 - Japan's RE Property Market in 2018-2019 - Summary & Predictions

As we do every year towards the end of January, in this episode we will review trends, data and statistics from major industry players in the market for 2018, and try to identify profitable investment strategies for 2019, based on trends, preferences and economy indicators.

53 - J-REITs (Japanese Real Estate Investment Trusts)

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are excellent investment vehicles offering flexibility, liquidity, hands-off management and a diverse exposure at low capital outlays. In this episode we examine Japan's contributions to this highly popular market sector.

52 - Odyssey Japan Boutique Hospitality Fund Update

We return to check up on Hong-Kong based Odyssey Capital Group, and they're Japan boutique hospitality fund - now in full motion, and with an amazing selection of beautiful properties already in their portfolio.

51 - Diversity & Hedging

In this episode we talk about diversity & hedging, why this concept is crucial for successful & profitable investment portfolios, and how to apply it to our Japanese real estate property investments.